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Source of Amethyst

Amethyst widely distributed in nature, for making jewelry the amethyst mostly origins from below places:

Korea: South Korea has very charming purple amethyst, very beautiful. Many people love this kind of the color and luster; love the deep and noble temperament it brings. But sadly, its production getting dwindling recent years and also South Korea gives limitation for the export of Amethyst, and thus the Korea Amethyst becomes rare and prices soared.

Brazil: Brazil is one of the main sources of crystal, so no doubt it produces big quantity Amethyst. Although Brazil produces various different Amethysts, from deep to shallow, it output rare dark purple amethyst. A lot of Brazil amethysts were made to amethyst bracelet, amethyst necklace, amethyst earrings, amethyst ring and other jewelry, sell all over the world. Those amethyst jewelries are mid-priced, and to most buyers are acceptable.

Zambia: Zambia’s amethysts are mostly very small in size, but their color and luster are very good and with bright red color, you cannot feel any black color even you view the crystal from far away distance, and thus the price for those kind amethysts is more expensive.

Uruguay: Uruguay amethyst is recognized to be the best amethyst in tonal, its purple color is very deep and has lasting appeal, also Uruguay amethyst has beautiful wine red color with rich flame, its output is rare or we say almost stop production, so its price is very high. Uruguay amethyst is the top one shop treasure for some high-end jewelry store.

Madagascar: Madagascar is not mainly produce amethyst, its amethyst with many impurity and luster is not good enough, so Madagascar amethyst is low grade and not popular.

Amethyst sold in lqstock.com are mostly come from Brazil, its mid-line price helps most women satisfied their dreams to get their high energy and beautiful natural amethyst jewelries.