Characteristics and Variety of Crystal

Crystal was recognized as Water Fairy in ancient times, because people think the crystal comes from icy. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle also thinks the crystal was ice formed after long time changing. Modern science confirms that crystal and icy are totally different things. Crystal was actually particularly good silica crystallization (SiO2), bright transparent and with many beautiful colors, its hardness is 7, relative density is 2.65 and refractive index is 1.544 to 1.553, crystal has pyroelectricity and piezoelectricit and so it is widely used in industry other than jewelry.

Variety of crystal defined by color, the crystallization degree and its inclusion, mostly these crystals:

1. Rock Crystal: colorless transparent, no crack or inclusion crystal. Rock crystal widely used in jewelry, carve craft item, the famous between them is crystal ball. It is said there are god hidden in the crystal ball, when gazing the crystal ball, you can predict the future or see the distance. So most necromancer has his crystal ball.

When taking a piece of crystal at hand, you will have very cool feeling, so ancient emperors and dignitaries would like to put crystal balls at home, in hot summer days, these crystal balls can balls can help person cooling down. Till now, crystal ball still widely used in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries.

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2. Amethyst: purple and purple red colors crystal. In ancient legend, amethyst has magical power; it can bring a long and happy life to its wearer, can ward off bad luck and prevent the lovesickness. Amethyst widely used in rings, necklaces and all kinds cave craft items and other decoration. Amethyst is birthstone of February, represent honest and calm.

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3. Citrine: a kind of yellow crystal, normal colors including light yellow, yellow, gold yellow, brown yellow, orange yellow and so on, most of them with high transparency. Citrine is very rare in natural; most citrine jewelry sold in market was actually amethyst after heating, or synthetic yellow crystal, value similar to amethyst. It is said wearing citrine jewelry can help bringing treasure.


4. Smoky crystal, tea crystal and black crystal: Those crystals are crystal series that brown color from light to deep; it is because of the carbon element which uniform distributed in the crystal. Those crystal mostly use for bracelet and necklace, or making eyeglass, but price won’t very high.


Other crystals let’s continue next time.