What Gemstone is

Since ancient times, gemstones were believed to be the holy things, their beauty and colorful, glittering and translucent, hard and durability, and mysterious made people love it very much and also made themselves precious objects. Throughout history, gemstones have been seen as symbols of wealth and power. Gemstones have also been offered as prestigious gifts.

And now, with the improvement of people’s living standard, gemstone comes into normal families, and its special charm decorated with people’s life; it becomes a kind of elegant accessories. But within so many different jewelries in the market, how will you get the real and right gemstone for yourself or for your love ones? Here in blog.lqstock.com we will give you information about gemstone.

First of all, you need to know what a Gemstone is. Simply, you can image it is precious stone, but of cause, this is much too general.

Gemstones are generally minerals that are used for adornment or for jewelry. To be regarded as a gemstone, a mineral must be beautiful, rare, and durable-hard enough to withstand constant use or handling. There are more than three thousands natural minerals, but less than a hundred are commonly used as gemstones.

Here are some essential characteristics for gemstone:
1. Color is bright, equality, pure, can be a feast for the eyes;
2. Have higher hardness, generally above 7(individual gems which have peculiar optical phenomenon can have lower hardness, like pearl and Opal);
3. Have certain chemical stability and thermal stability;
4. Have certain size and weight, for instance, diamond no less than 0.25ct, high quality ruby and sapphire no less than 0.3ct (1ct=0.2g)
5. Can be very good processing, such as polishing and cutting;
6. Can be stably supply.

Most gemstones are mineral gems, and are found in rocks or in gem gravels. However, a few gems such as amber, pearl, coral, and ivory come from plants or animals. These gems are known as organic gems. Organic gems are not as durable as mineral gems; they are usually polished, carved, or drilled and threaded as beads.

In its natural state, a mineral gem is referred to as rough. Some natural crystals are attractive enough to be displayed as they are. Most are cut or faceted, and polished to show their best beauty. A simple cut for a stone is cabochon, a highly polished domed-shaped top, and a flat or rounded base. Cabochon stones are often seen in antique jewelry. Today most gemstones are cut to give them a number of flat surfaces, called facets. Faceting bring out the brilliance and sparkle of gemstones. Faceted gemstones show flashes of color and play of light within them.

Collecting Gemstones

Gemstones are not just for the wealthy. They can be appreciated by anyone. Today there are wide ranges of natural gemstones from all over the world available, from affordable stones to the more expensive stones. Anyone can collect a few stones that, even if not of high quality, are very attractive. Choose the stones that best for you and that fit your budget. Your gem collection will give you hours of fascination and enjoyment.