The Legends of Nethiah

A young boy whose parents are going through a bitter divorce, is given hope and courage through the powerful stories embellished by his grandfather. The stories give the boy the inner strength and resolve to confront the inevitable challenges which lie ahead.







Characteristics and Variety of Crystal

Crystal was recognized as Water Fairy in ancient times, because people think the crystal comes from icy. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle also thinks the crystal was ice formed after long time changing. Modern science confirms that crystal and icy are totally different things. Crystal was actually particularly good silica crystallization (SiO2), bright transparent and with many beautiful colors, its hardness is 7, relative density is 2.65 and refractive index is 1.544 to 1.553, crystal has pyroelectricity and piezoelectricit and so it is widely used in industry other than jewelry.

Variety of crystal defined by color, the crystallization degree and its inclusion, mostly these crystals:

1. Rock Crystal: colorless transparent, no crack or inclusion crystal. Rock crystal widely used in jewelry, carve craft item, the famous between them is crystal ball. It is said there are god hidden in the crystal ball, when gazing the crystal ball, you can predict the future or see the distance. So most necromancer has his crystal ball.

When taking a piece of crystal at hand, you will have very cool feeling, so ancient emperors and dignitaries would like to put crystal balls at home, in hot summer days, these crystal balls can balls can help person cooling down. Till now, crystal ball still widely used in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries.

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2. Amethyst: purple and purple red colors crystal. In ancient legend, amethyst has magical power; it can bring a long and happy life to its wearer, can ward off bad luck and prevent the lovesickness. Amethyst widely used in rings, necklaces and all kinds cave craft items and other decoration. Amethyst is birthstone of February, represent honest and calm.

SNE001 SNN001-8

3. Citrine: a kind of yellow crystal, normal colors including light yellow, yellow, gold yellow, brown yellow, orange yellow and so on, most of them with high transparency. Citrine is very rare in natural; most citrine jewelry sold in market was actually amethyst after heating, or synthetic yellow crystal, value similar to amethyst. It is said wearing citrine jewelry can help bringing treasure.


4. Smoky crystal, tea crystal and black crystal: Those crystals are crystal series that brown color from light to deep; it is because of the carbon element which uniform distributed in the crystal. Those crystal mostly use for bracelet and necklace, or making eyeglass, but price won’t very high.


Other crystals let’s continue next time.

Special Occasion Jewelry

Want to make that special occasion truly shine? Need a surefire gift that always gets a great response? Jewelry is your answer. It’s the perfect go-to gift for any holiday, birthday, anniversary or special event. So what piece fits what occasion? While we don’t recommend handing out engagement rings at your company’s Secret Santa, there really is no hard and set rule. With so many options out there, you can’t go wrong. As long as it glitters, you’re usually good to go. LQ fine jewelry team can also help you make the best decision possible. We’re experts at giving just the right jewelry gift, we’re always willing to help, and we’re dedicated to looking out for you.


Gemstone healing powers

According to folklore and stories throughout history, many gemstones are thought to offer mystic healing to its wearer. So whether shopping for a gift of fine jewelry, or considering a gift for yourself along the way, consider the healing properties of these fine gemstones. Birthday gemstones may not bake your cookies and wrap your gifts for you, but they will make you feel better while doing so.

Gemstone healing powers


Amber – Thought to aid memory loss, purify the body, alleviate headaches, and bone and heart problems, Amber is known for its stress relieving and calming properties.


Amethyst – Aids in the reduction of insomnia, arthritis, pain relief, and circulatory issues. Amethyst is considered the gemstone of meditation, peace, balance, courage, and inner strength.


Aquamarine – Aids the liver, throat, stomach, jaw, teeth, eyes, and ears. Aquamarine is also known for releasing fear, calming nerves, and bringing mental clarity.


Citrine – Considered the gemstone to provide greater or increased hearing, Citrine also promotes success, abundance, and clear thinking.


Garnet – Aids blood, heart, and lungs and is known to promote romantic love, passion, sensuality, and intimacy.


Lapis – Thought to aid in the alleviation of insomnia and depression, Lapis is also known for creating openness, truthfulness, and creativity.


Onyx – Associated with the root chakra, Onyx brings spiritual inspiration, and control over emotions.


Pearl – Known for its calming properties, the Pearl is said to aid purity, charity, integrity, truth, and loyalty in its wearer.


Peridot – Healing stress in relationships, lessening anger and jealousy, and slowing aging, the Peridot promotes abundance and prosperity.


Ruby – Aiding the emotions is the Ruby’s calling card. Also known to increase integrity, devotion, and happiness.


Sapphire – The gemstone of creative expression and inner peace and meditation, the Sapphire also aids in personal expression and the alleviation of pain.


Topaz – One of the most powerful gemstones, Topaz facilitates the balance of emotions and provides protection from greed.


Turquoise – A gemstone steeped in lore and tradition, Turquoise is a healing and balancing stone.

How to Apply Eye Shadow for Every Eye Shape

Teach by Mia Silverio, makeup artist at the Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa.


When it comes to doing our makeup we all have the same goal: to make our eyes look brighter, bigger, and more awake.  Now let’s learn from Mia Silverio how to highlight, shade, and line our eyes—all shapes and sizes.

Round Eyes


If you have round eyes like Katy Perry, start by applying eyeliner from the inner corners of your eyes all the way to the outside ending in a straight line or small cat eye. Then highlight below the brow bone and the inner corners of your eye with a light eye shadow. To show contrast between the highlighted parts of the eye, take a medium eye shadow color and lightly apply it above your lid. Finally, thickly apply a darker color shadow along the crease of your eye, without going too overboard. Blend the shadow from the outside going towards the middle of the eye in order to give more shape to your lid. Voila! The perfect shadowed, doe-eye look à la Katy.

Almond Shaped Eyes


It’s no surprise that Beyoncé has the ideal eye shape—is there anyone more gorgeous? Almond eyes are the most symmetrical—just the effect you’re trying to create with your makeup. If you have almond eyes, you should use the round eye application technique, just mimic the shape of your own eye. Queen Bey FTW, always.

Downturned Eyes


Downturned eyes like Camilla Belle’s need a little lift, so your eyeliner will play the most important role. Start by using your shadow to highlight and shade the same way you would for a round or almond shaped eye—the difference is your eyeliner should be much heavier. After applying the shadow, swipe on your eyeliner starting at the inner corners and extending all the way to the outside. The trick here is to give it a curve up at the end like a smiley face or a cat eye if you want something a bit more dramatic.

Deep Set Eyes


For deep-set eyes like Keira Knightley’s, use the same application techniques as you would for a round eye, but apply the dark shadow very lightly. You want to accentuate the highlighted parts of the eye to give the illusion of roundness, but not overpower it with dark shadow.

Close Set Eyes


To make close-set eyes like Kristen Bell’s appear wider apart, start by highlighting below your brow bone and inner lid the same as you would for round eyes—what’s different here is the base shadow. Use a medium color and shade a little farther out than the width of the eye in a wide round shape. Then, take the darker color and shade from the outside on top of the crease to give it more contrast. Start your eyeliner at the middle of the lid and extend it out further than your eye in a straight line.

Hooded Eyes


Hooded eyes like Selena Gomez’s have an extra layer of skin below the brow that covers the crease and makes the lid seem smaller. They don’t need much highlighting, so start with your light shadow only on the inner corners of your eyes. Then apply a good amount of the medium color to the hooded lid. Go heavy with the dark shade around the crease to give the illusion of a rounder eye and extend your eyeliner further out in order to balance the look. The effect: an envy-inducing gaze worthy of any ex-Disney princess.

Monolid Eyes


A monolid eye goes straight from the brow to the eye with no crease. Similar to a hooded eye, you want to apply shadow to make the eye appear bigger and more open. First, exaggerate the highlighting in the inner corners of your eye, going up and out to the center of the eye. Then take your medium color and go above the crease from the outside of the eye creating a round shape. The dark shade should be used in the same motion very lightly to define the shape, but don’t go further in than the center of the eye. When applying liner, keep a steady hand and do a very thin line that gets a bit thicker on the outside.

Protruding Eyes

Nicole Richie

If you have protruding eyes like Nicole Richie’s you do not need any highlighting on the bottom lid or inner corners of your eye, just very lightly under the brow bone. Like the hooded eye, you should heavily shade with your medium color. But instead of just applying above the crease, go heavy under the crease as well. Most importantly, apply heavy eyeliner from the inner corners of your eye to the outside with just a straight line. Don’t be afraid to apply it on thick. The darkness right on the lid will downplay the protruding factor.


Source of Amethyst

Amethyst widely distributed in nature, for making jewelry the amethyst mostly origins from below places:

Korea: South Korea has very charming purple amethyst, very beautiful. Many people love this kind of the color and luster; love the deep and noble temperament it brings. But sadly, its production getting dwindling recent years and also South Korea gives limitation for the export of Amethyst, and thus the Korea Amethyst becomes rare and prices soared.

Brazil: Brazil is one of the main sources of crystal, so no doubt it produces big quantity Amethyst. Although Brazil produces various different Amethysts, from deep to shallow, it output rare dark purple amethyst. A lot of Brazil amethysts were made to amethyst bracelet, amethyst necklace, amethyst earrings, amethyst ring and other jewelry, sell all over the world. Those amethyst jewelries are mid-priced, and to most buyers are acceptable.

Zambia: Zambia’s amethysts are mostly very small in size, but their color and luster are very good and with bright red color, you cannot feel any black color even you view the crystal from far away distance, and thus the price for those kind amethysts is more expensive.

Uruguay: Uruguay amethyst is recognized to be the best amethyst in tonal, its purple color is very deep and has lasting appeal, also Uruguay amethyst has beautiful wine red color with rich flame, its output is rare or we say almost stop production, so its price is very high. Uruguay amethyst is the top one shop treasure for some high-end jewelry store.

Madagascar: Madagascar is not mainly produce amethyst, its amethyst with many impurity and luster is not good enough, so Madagascar amethyst is low grade and not popular.

Amethyst sold in are mostly come from Brazil, its mid-line price helps most women satisfied their dreams to get their high energy and beautiful natural amethyst jewelries.

The Spring Festival-Year of Horse

The Chinese Spring Festival or the Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important and widely observed festival throughout the whole country. The dates for this annual celebration are determined by the lunar calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar, so the timing of the holiday varies from late January to early February. The Spring Festival falls on Jan 31th this year 2014.


To the Chinese, the Spring Festival is a time for family union, for visits with friends, for good wishes for the coming year. Before the eve of the New Year, everyone tries to come back home from every corner of the country to join the entire family, just like Americans’ practice for Christmas, to greet the New Year.

A New Year big dinner is served. After the meal, the table is cleared, dishes washed and put away. Then it is time to undertake final preparations to meet the New Year.

At midnight following a nice family banquet on the New Year’s Eve, the young members of the family would bow and pay their respects to the parents and elders.

In the morning, people put on their new clothes and shoes. Men, with their wives, call on relatives and friends to wish them a “Happy and Prosperous New Year “. The caller is served tea with sweet-meats; melon seeds, both red and black; and fruits and delicacies such as puffed rice cakes, dump-lings and deep-fried round doughnuts. In addition, liquor and tobacco are offered. Before leaving, the well-wisher present gifts of money wrapped in red paper to all the unmarried children of the family.

Starting from the New Year’s Day, people began going out to visit friends and relatives, taking with them gifts such as fruits, wines, flowers, etc. The entire fortnight was a time for socializing and amusement. Common expressions heard at this time are: Guonian Hao (Happy New Year), and Bainian (to congratulate the New Year).

The burning of long strings of firecrackers accompanies the Eve of the New Year. Most adults and children do not touch their bed the whole night, busy at all kinds of activities welcoming the New Year.

The New Year celebration lasts for fifteen days, allowing time for various entertainments to be enjoyed, including games of mahjong and dominos at home or at clubs. There are also animal shows featuring trained dogs and monkeys, theatrical plays staged by amateur and professional troupes, acrobatic performances, magic shows, puppet shows, storytelling and lion and dragon dances, especially in the country.

Today a lot of traditional customs are still observed among the Chinese people across the world.

February Birthstone

Amethyst is birthstone for February.


Amethyst composition is sio2, hardness is 7, specific gravity is 2.65, and refractive index is 1.54 to 1.55, has the dichroism. Viewing from different angles, amethyst shows purple tones of blue or red, usually cutting to facets. Natural output amethyst includes iron, manganese and other minerals, which forms beautiful purple colors, mainly light purple, purple red, scarlet, bright red, deep purple, blue purple and so on, amount all the color, deep purple red and bright red is most valuable. Natural amethyst often includes natural ice cracks or white clouds impurities. Amethyst widely distributed in nature, and the main origins are Brazil, Russia, South Africa, and Madagascar.

Amethyst is the gemstone believed by ancient Greeks and Romans to ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus. It is said that Bacchus were filled with anger because of arguing with moon goddess Diana, he sent his ferocious tiger to revenge. But accidentally he meet up the girl Amethyst who is going to meet Diana, in order to save the girl’s life from the ferocious tiger’s mouse, Diana turned the girl into a clean flawless crystal. Seeing the flawless crystal, Bacchus feel deeply regret, his repentant tears dripping onto the crystal figurines, dyed it to purple immediately.

Amethyst is “Guardian stone for love”, it can give lovers and couples deeply love, chastity, honesty and courage. Also amethyst is said to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. Throughout history, the gemstone has been associated with many myths, legends, religions, and numerous cultures. English regalia were even decorated with amethysts during the Middle Ages to symbolize royalty. It has been associated with many myths, legends, religions, and numerous cultures. Amethyst is purple quartz, a beautiful blend of violet and red that can found in every corner of the earth. Historically, the finest amethyst was found in Russia and was featured in much royal European jewelry. Today, while Brazil is the primary source of this gemstone, fine material can be found elsewhere, especially in Zambia.


Matching Your Lipstick to Your Dress

Monochromatic looks have been having a major moment. It’s all about picking a color and sticking with it. For Kanye West (i.e. Kim Kardashian) it’s separates in a shade of black or white, but recently we’ve seen other celebrities in one bold color, quite literally, from lip to toe. Matching gowns and lipstick have been all over the red carpet this Award Season—and if you’re rising fashion star Lupita Nyong’o, you take the trend a step further with coordinating eye shadow. 

Cate Blanchett

Kanye West

Lupita Nyong’o


Coco Rocha


Drew Barrymore


Julie Delpy


Patricia Arquette


Taylor Swift


Ariel Winter


Juliette Lewis


Naomie Harris


Ashlee Simpson



Sterling Silver

What is Sterling Silver?

The highest quality silver for jewelry is called Sterling Silver or 925 Silver. It is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper, which helps strengthen and stabilize the metal. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.


Is pure silver better?

Fine silver, for example 99.9% pure silver, is generally too soft for producing functional objects; therefore, the silver is usually alloyed with copper to give it strength while preserving the ductility and beauty of the precious metal.

Here are three main reasons pure silver is not good for making jewelry:

– Pure silver is not ductile, meaning it can’t be easily formed into jewelry or adjusted to fit

– Pure silver is soft, making it less functional

– Pure silver will mix with small amounts of hydrogen sulfide in air and will tarnish

How is it stamped?

Typically 925 silver will be stamped with a “S925”, “925”, “Sterling”, or “Ster” marking. Not all 925 silver is marked, so you may need to consult the seller on how the quality and purity is assured. Often, if a silver item is not marked the jewelry may only be electroplated with Silver—which makes its value much lower than 925 silver. Metallurgists or reputable jewelry dealers may be able to confirm the purity of the silver by measuring or by applying chemical tests to the metal. Purity test kits for silver can also be purchased and tested at home.